QUESTION: What is the procedure for applying for an abatement?

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PROCEDURE: Obtain, fill out and return to the Town Office an Abatement Application form. This has to be done within 185 days of the commitment date. (You may appeal after 1 year of commitment and up to 3 years from the commitment date to the Board of Selectmen.)

PROCESS: The Assessors Agent will investigate your claim and then will bring your request before the Board of Assessors with a recommendation to approve or deny. The Board of Assessors will vote on this recommendation.

FURTHER APPEAL: After receiving the decision of the Board of Assessors, if still dissatisfied, you may appeal to the County Commissioners. This appeal has to be made within 60 days of the date of the written decision from the Board of Assessors, or within 60 days of the application, if the Board of Assessors takes no action on the request. Further appeal beyond the County Commissioners is to the Superior Court.

Tax Exemptions Available

For the residential home owner, there are several exemptions available that will lower your assessed value for tax purposes. These consist of the



Also available are the 



Some people can qualify for more than one exemption and they are each deducted separately from the valuation. Qualifications for each category can be somewhat complex; do not hesitate to call or come in to discuss any of this in detail. We will always try to help you qualify. Applications for any and all of these programs and exemptions are available at the Thomaston Town office, on this web site or let us know and we will mail you a copy.