Thomaston Maine Town Manager

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The Board of Assessors’ meeting scheduled for this evening has been postponed to Thursday, October 6, 2016 at 5 pm in the Knox Street Conference Room.

The Agenda is as follows: Meeting called to order; Minutes of the last meeting (7/26/2016 - these minutes may not be available); 2017 State Valuation ($365,100,000); Revised BETE list (Business Equipment Tax Exemption); 2016-17 Tax Commitment (rate of $18.68/M up $0.65/M from last year) (The draft State Municipal Valuation Return is attached for details – not official until voted on); Assessing Office Budget; Agent’s Report, Adjourn

One note: Thomaston’s valuation is down $4.4 million from last year mostly because of the increase from $10,000 to $15,000 for the Homestead Exemption, which decreased our valuation by $3.6 million. This accounts for about a third of the increase. The rest is due to increased assessments from the School District (up 3%) and the County (up 9%) as well as an increase in the municipal budget (up 1.1%).  CLICK HERE to download a copy of the Maine Revenue Services 2016 Municipal Valuation Return

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